Can I get SSH/Shell access on my account?

You are allowed to use SSH as long as it doesn't violate our shell usage policies.
To enable shell access to your account, you must contact us with a valid reason why you need it

Please email us a copy of your drivers license, passport, or any valid government issue photo ID to
Please be sure to include your domain name with the submission so we know what account to reference.

Shell Account Policies

Shell accounts may not be used to do any type of compilation of any sort from C, C++ programs.

IRC are not permitted on any of the accounts given.
Hacking attempts, scanning will result a termination of your account.
High load average during your shell session will not be permitted or tolerated.
Bouncers, BNC are not permitted on shell accounts given.
Snooping through system files or directories is consider a "hacking" attempt and will result in account termination.

Shell access is a priviledge to use and should not be abused, suspension of shell will result if abused.

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